Mercedes Benz Or BMW?

Having our own car has become very common these days. Cars have become very essential for travelling. Loans and EMI provided by car companies have made it an easy process to buy a car these days. Not only loans, but affordable cars have also come into the markets. But still owning the most expensive and luxurious cars is like a dream for many.

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz is a German based company, and a division of Diamler AG. It is one of the top automobile manufacturing companies. The company is involved in production of luxury cars, buses, coaches and trucks. The most expensive and luxurious car produced by this company is the new maybash S600 which comes with 2987cc, 5461cc, 4663cc, 5980cc and 2996cc types of engines. It gives an overall mileage around 7Kmpl to 13Kmplwith the light weight Mercedes alloy wheels. Comfort features are included.


BMW is one of the greatest automobile manufacturing companies in the world. BMW is one among producing expensive and luxurious cars in the world. BMW stands for Bayerische Motoron Werke which is a german pronunciation and is a german based company. The company produces motor cars, motorcycles, engines along with luxury cars. The most expensive car produced by BMW is the BMW 7 series which is equipped with more than 10 kilograms of silver. It includes an engine of 2993cc with a torque measuring to 620Nm@1500-2500rpm with an overall mileage around 14.9kmpl. It is designed with allow wheels and bmw rims. Comfort features are included. Click here for more info on bmw rims Australia.

Innovative features of BMW 7 series

  • Remote parking system which is helpful while parking in markets.
  • Land departure warning with active steering.
  • Assistant to control steering and lane.
  • Active cruise control including speed limit.
  • Parking assistant is present.
  • 3D view and panorama view of surroundings. Gesture control and navigation feature with touch.
  • Active side collision prevention with lane keeping assistant.

Comfort features of Maybash S600

  • Electronic brake force distribution.
  • Traction control system.
  • Child safety lock.
  • Electronic stability.
  • Central locking.
  • Rear defogger.
  • Engine immobilizer.
  • In car entertainment.
  • Remote operated tank lid.
  • Sun roof.
  • Auto rain sensing wipers.
  • Power steering and cruise control.
  • Parking sensors
  • Door pockets.
  • Navigation system.

Both the brands being the greatest manufacturers of automobile are striving hard to get on to the top. Not only these brands of cars, but other brands, such as Bentley, Volkswagen, ford, Audi and Lamborghini produce high quality luxurious and most expensive cars. Owning these cars is what everybody wishes for. Power of technology in the field of automobiles has made wonders. The uses of sensors and artificial intelligence have boasted the cars to rank on top levels. All these types of cars have amazing comfort features and great sense of security. The feeling of having these kinds of cars is priceless!